In mid-July we signed 40th Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi as one of our Brand Ambassadors. Chioma comes in as the baby of the pack, behind Alex Asogwa ( @alexunusual), Alex Ekubo (@alexxekubo).

Chioma, hails from Anambra state and was crowned the 40th Miss Nigeria at the age of 21. She was still a student when she snatched the crown from other contestants. Her poise, her charisma, her skin, her smile. She is L’Avyanna.

The beauty queen encapsulates our values here at L’Avyanna, she’s fun, she’s enigmatic, she is caring and most of all, she wants to make a difference.

Here at L’Avyanna, we want the best for you. Our Organic skin care range works for all skin types. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin? We have products for you. Are you light skin, dark skin, we have products for you.

Chioma Obiadi is an example of what are products can do. You are royalty, you are beautiful and we are here for you.