Beauty comes in all shades: Say no to Colourism

#MyColourMyHeritage to campaign against colourism and skin bleaching… Embrace the skin you are in… Racism has been a longstanding issue that continues to torment many black communities especially within the Western world with overtly and covertly. Stemming from slavery and other related root causes, racism continues to evolve but as a problem and in ways that its been tackled in mainstream sectors. […]

Post London Fashion Week – Fashions Finest feat: L’Avyanna Skin Naturals!!!

We hope you enjoyed last weekend packed filled with fashion, beauty and style. Thank you for visiting our stand at the Fashions Finest London Fashion Week. As promised, we ended our last day of exhibition with a raffle… giving away a 24carat gold Swarovski element earphones. Raffle No.37 was the winning ticket (see picture below). Congrats Alexandra, your earphones is […]

5 Ways to Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Creams, lotions, skin treatments, soaps, help your skin glow. A healthy lifestyle of regularly exercising also facilitates a healthy skin. While these factors are great, what you eat—or do not eat, can make or mar your skin texture, leaving it saggy, stretched, wrinkled, brown, irritable and rough; or toned, soft, flexible, and healthy. Your choice […]

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