Reusable Silicone face Sheet Mask Holder


Silicone Mask holder for Sheet Mask, Reusable Facial Mask Cover with Hook, Sheet Mask Cover for Slow Down the Evaporation of Mask Essence, Face Care Too

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Features & details
-Soft Silicone Material : The mask is elastic and stretchable, not hurt the skin, this mask cover is smooth and soft to the touch, not easy to tear, fits nicely over face. It can effectively sealing in whatever product your using, relieves the evaporation of mask essence in sheet mask.
-Unique ear-hook design : Effectively prevent mask from falling off, when you apply a mask, you can do what you want to do. You don’t have to lie down all the time.
-Worked Great : Silicone Mask covers the surface of the ordinary mask, anti shedding and dusts, to promote the full absorption of sheet mask essence.
-Recycling use : It can be repeatedly used after cleaning with water.
-Cutting allowed : the ear of the facial mask can be cut along the dotted line as required


1.Apply the sheet mask.

2. Cover the silicone mask on the sheet mask and align the eyes and mouth.

3. You don’t need to lie on the bed while applying the mask. in fifteen to twenty minutes, remove the sheet mask and silicone mask together. Rinse the silicone mask with water and dry it.


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